The Real Hanky Panky is a blog about women who are making waves, working themselves to the bone and becoming formidable forces in the hospitality industry. Sydney based but with a global purpose.

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Jenna Hemsworth

Jenna is brutally honest, driven and unlike any woman I've ever met before. She basically sounds like the story board for a Disney movie... If the movies main character was completely bad ass and obsessed with cats


Harriet Leigh

Harriet Leigh has a laugh and a smile so big it makes my chest want to burst. No seriously. It sounds so lame but it's legitimately the most contagious thing since small pox. Ok that got dark real quick but given her dry sense of humour I'm sure she'll appreciate the intro.

- Upcoming sessions - 

The next session for Coleman's Academy, our women's only forums, is aiming to take place on the last Sunday of January 2016.  Availability is limited and RSVP is ESSENTIAL. Sessions fill up fast so please sign up below and we will get back to you soon.


Sabrina Haley

Sabrina is so cool it hurts. She gives little fucks and doesn't waste words which is why I was eternally grateful to her when she allowed herself to be interviewed and photographed in all her glory.


Lover of motorbikes, asian food and most importantly takings photos of people, places and things. The man behind the lens behind the photos of TRHP.